Restore x club psora

An in-depth nutrition guide for people with skin conditions

Heal your gut to heal your skin

  • Prevent skin flares by identifying your unique food sensitivities
  • Heal the gut health issues clinically linked to skin conditions
  • Reduce inflammation, restore the gut barrier and detoxify the liver
  • Improve immune function and skin cell regeneration to heal faster from flares
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How it works: The 21-Day Protocol

  • 3 weeks
    For 21 days, you’ll eat healing foods that are easy on the digestive system and full of vibrancy and flavor.
  • Reintroduction
    After 3 weeks, you’ll enter a phase of reintegration in which you introduce foods back into your diet one by one.
  • Long-lasting results
    Changing the way you eat is a process. Our comprehensive guide offers support every step of the way.
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Restore x club psora has been the
most important piece of my healing
journey. My skin is 98% clear!

– Allie, club psora member

Restore x club psora

A gut guide purpose-designed for people with skin conditions.
Nutritionist-developed with 80 pages of resources and anti-inflammatory recipes.

What’s included
  • 50+ adaptable recipes
  • Green-light foods + things to avoid
  • Weekly meal plans
  • Cooking, shopping + prep guides
  • Background on the gut-skin connection
  • In-depth nutrition resources
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Healing doesn’t have
to be a solo job. Join
our community today.

Restore x club psora is included in your club psora membership, our program for people with skin conditions who want to take control of their healing. You can begin your protocol during your first cycle with other new members — encouragement, guidance and support included!

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