The first monthly membership program for naturally healing skin conditions

  • Psoriasis

    Learn about natural skin treatments for plaque, guttate, inverse, scalp psoriasis and other forms of this skin disease.

  • Eczema

    Eczema is more than a disease of the skin. Find the holistic eczema treatments that address the root cause of your condition.

  • Other Skin Conditions

    Our members are using natural skin treatments to heal psoriasis, eczema, TSW, melasma, vitiligo, acne and more.

Our members report:

  • 75 %

    improved skin clearance

  • 81 %

    improved management of skin flares

  • 88 %

    reduced anxiety and depression

  • 94 %

    improved sense of community and support

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  • Holistic Nutrition


    The club psora cycle of healing

    Holistic Nutrition

    Heal your gut to heal your skin

    Poor gut health is clinically linked to psoriasis and eczema — after all, 70% of your immune system is in your gut! A supportive diet is one of the most effective natural treatments for psoriasis and eczema. With certified nutritionists and other gut specialists, we’ll show you how to heal your gut to heal your skin.

    Plus: Meet Restore x club psora, our 80-page gut guide for skin conditions.

  • Lifestyle Medicine


    The club psora cycle of healing

    Lifestyle Medicine

    360° of tools for treating skin disease naturally

    Pollutants, stress, vitamin deficiencies, sleep, sun exposure, exercise — these (and the list goes on!) are all linked to skin conditions. Join functional medicine practitioners and other integrative holistic specialists to understand what environmental triggers could be impacting your healing. Prevent flares with healthier daily habits and the most effective natural remedies and skin treatments.

  • Stress Management


    The club psora cycle of healing

    Stress Management

    Stress, anxiety, depression and psychological trauma are all clinically linked to skin conditions

    Studies show that 1) stress is one of the biggest triggers for skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema and 2) mind-body practices can be essential tools for restoring skin and immune function. Learn how with club psora. Support your skin and mental health with daily meditation, weekly movement and breathwork classes, and monthly workshops from mind-body specialists.

  • Community Resources


    The club psora cycle of healing

    Community Resources + Support

    Ditch the shame. Heal with a community to empower, share tips, and hold you accountable

    Join our community and find the best holistic treatments for your skin condition. Reframe your relationship with your diagnosis and take manageable, actionable steps to a more skin-supportive lifestyle — which in many cases leads to remission.

A school for skin, a club for healing

Our Program

What’s included:
  • Restore x club psora Our 80-page gut guide for people with skin conditions
  • Community pods Discussion, support and sharing skin-healing tips
  • Skin experts Weekly lectures, workshops and Q+As with holistic skin specialists on our membership portal + on-demand access to our full archive
  • Learning resources Peer-reviewed materials about skin conditions delivered to your inbox every week
  • Stress management practices Daily meditation, weekly movement and breathwork classes, and monthly mind-body workshops
  • So much more! Feature remedies, recipes, events and other resources
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Our Skin Specialists

Dr. Berna El Khoury, ND

Naturopath + skin specialist

Dr. Gemma Newman, MD

Nutrition, skin + gastro specialist

Brendan Vermeire

Health scientist, researcher + educator

Kai Yim

Skin specialist + acupuncturist

Daniel Yi

Herbal dermatology

Eddie Stern

Author, yoga + meditation instructor

Hayley Wood

Skin therapist

Dr. Asia Muhammad, ND


Brian Karr

Mold + mycotoxins specialist

Anthony Carrigan

Skin activist

Zoey Gong

Skin + food therapist

Brooke Niss, L.Ac

Functional medicine practitioner


club psora reviews from our members. Find the best treatments for the skin you’re in

Nikki Skin condition (psoriasis)

I’ve had a real healing breakthrough with club psora, not only with my skin but in my mind, body and...

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Ciena Eczema + Topical Steroid Withdrawal

I’ve seen immense improvement in the overall strength and clarity of my skin since starting Restore x club psora specifically,...

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Allie Skin condition: Psoriasis

My skin is 98% clear! This program has shown me how to truly love myself as I am. I’ve found...

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Sarah Skin condition: Eczema/undiagnosed

This program has illuminated cycles and patterns around my skin and encouraged me to develop better habits and a more...

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Meet the founder

We’re here to challenge the prognosis of an incurable diagnosis — to show people that you can go clear without a cure.
Miriam Thom, founder of club psora

Restore x club psora
Now available as an ebook

Our 21-day nutrition protocol for people with skin conditions. Heal the gut, reduce flares and identify the triggers behind your skin symptoms.

“Restore x club psora has been the most important piece of my healing journey. My skin is 98% clear!”

- Allie, club psora member


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